intake tube covered in aluminum tape, you can see ghetto air on the left



K & N FIPK you can see up top the aluminum flashing that comes down over it, and that shiny
stuff under the MAS is aluminum to block heat as well.

that is my small (about 2in tube that winds in behind my head lights and down to just about the bumper


Here is the big (4 inch) aluminum dryer hose heading to its intake spot, its not as low as it looks

Here you can see both the hoses J


My Ex


my tinted tail lights





Lowered about 3-4 inches


my left clear got water in it after washing it the 3rd time with them on and after 2 heavy storms….
kind of random…. I’ll have to try and fix that.


My 2 kenwood 12s, they hit ok… for now


Here you can see both the hoses from ghetto air that blow some nice cool air at the intake



This is my dad’s new explorer… maybe I’ll get it in a few years when I graduate if I don’t have
enough money for a lightning.